Saturday, April 16, 2016

What the..?

Nope. That one is not on the list.

I just imagine that is what you are thinking.

"...Another blog bemoaning cancelled comics?  Jeez, you little crybaby --- You shoulda copies when it was in print!"

Sigh.  I hope you'll take it as intended...just another cool place for comic collectors to find awesome freaking books to put on their must have list.

I have been collecting comics for 40 years.  I used to own a shop.  I hate when good books fail.  And I love to write.  (Soon as I win the lottery I am retiring to a life as a comic writer.)

I guess this blog was destined to happen.

It's all good though.  My other passion is college football realignment (Google "Sports Minority Report") and I really need to write about more than that.