Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Zot! by Scott McCloud

ZOT! was a book that came out from 1984-1990 and ran for 36 issues.

It was written and drawn by Scott McCloud, IMO one of the elite comic storytellers in the last 40 year.  McCloud was inspired by Astroboy in his development of ZOT! and the book is visually stunning and clean.  (I miss his art.)

It starts out as a book brimming with innocence and charm and progresses into a semi-awkward transition to young adulthood.  (By this, I mean for the characters, I am not referring to the writing or art which is great throughout.)

It was a fun, well conceived comic that turned very ambitious.

McCloud would go on to brilliantly write Understanding Comics (I got to meet him when that came out and he wrote me a very nice personal message in my hardback copy back in the day ---still one of my prized possessions) and a few other books.  He also wrote some very good comics like Superman Adventures in the following years. 

Should one of my patent ideas ever come through or I land a big lottery ticket, I'd love to offer to pay to get the whole run professionally colored and keep it in print for the next 100 years for McCloud, because I love the core concept of this book and admire his execution.

But there is no guarantee he would be up for that. Mr. McCloud is a bit of an online comic advocate the last I had read, but for me, I love the tactile nature and would hate to see that lost.

Ah...maybe one day.

I am a printed comic reader, so Mr. McCloud has unfortunately fallen off my radar.  I hope he is doing well.

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